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VMware, Windows
Unisys ClearPath, Libra

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Online Data Backups

Online Data Backups
Online Data Backups

We have a reliable, cost-effective method to back up your business data. The process is automated and secure. At any time, data can be restored to multiple systems. » More

Colocation Options

Colocation & Virtual Servers
Colocation Options

Access more server power and storage capabilities with our colocation options. We can also migrate your physical servers to portable virtual machines. » More

Disaster Recovery Process

Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery Process

We stand guard 24/7 to protect your critical data. Annual tests are performed to ensure systems are up-to-date. Most importantly, our recovery success is 100%. » More

Resource Center

Baseline Secure from Bash Shell
Baseline Data Services can confirm to its customers that none of its products or services are affected by the recent Bash Shell vulnerability (aka ‘Shellshock’).  » Read More

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